“Last Interview with Filicide Killer Larry Stephen Pembroke”

“Last Interview with Filicide Killer Larry Stephen Pembroke”

This is an excerpt from Larry Stephen Pembroke’s last interview (Sunday, March 14th, 1967) with Franklin Soames, investigative reporter for The Weirskin Herald, only two days before his execution for “The Woods Hollow Ritual Murder” of his alleged daughter, 12-year old Margaret Celeste Pembroke.

“These interviews sound poetic, yet they are still only the insane ramblings of a madman trying to justify his horrific crime.”— Franklin Soames

“It lives with purest love as deep as night, a bloody fierce and frightening realm of darkness, and even colder closeness, where shrieks of anguished hopeless pain are bathed in pure enlightened terror so that boys with lonely hearts are given warrior’s eyes and ears without a warrior’s mind, much less the warrior’s soul. But blood and shrieks and cries are less a worry than the needs of his beloved monster, as light and deep and safe and close as he will ever know. Embraced in murky love so pure and real, the boy will never know how much his shadowed angel loves him deeply…but only as long as human life allows. And her love is only need for what she wants, a need that lives in dark desire only Death should know. And Death is God to her, a force much greater than her blackened soul will ever be, but one that never speaks to her. Neither words nor secret closeness does she feel from He who lives inside yet very far away. She’ll give her bittersweet adored to Him the day that time does surely come. And when the call begins she will prepare the next to take his place. Into that desolate and solitary quiet world the boy will certainly go, where everyone that she will ever know is someday soon to follow. “Goodbye, sweet love,” she says to me. “You know it hurts me so. I always knew you’d have to go through no fault of your own. It is the way of Death, the Ancient Lord, always in our soul, wanting and yearning without hope. Only cold and meek acceptance of His will. The fragrance of His being as immortal force, a heavy mist of gloomy light that swallows souls to stay a bright and keeps eternal darkness far away.” And then I knew she had to die in secret ways that I could only know. But is she dead? Have I actually sent her finally home? No…she’s still out there…searching for another lonely boy like me.”

Weirskin Police murder investigators later discovered that Margaret Celeste Pembroke was not Larry Stephen Pembroke’s daughter. In fact, no evidence was uncovered that Larry had ever sired children and no record he was ever even married.

Margaret’s true identity was never established and no photos of her ever recovered, not in Larry Pembroke’s small trailer home or anywhere else.

A court-ordered exhumation revealed her body was no longer in its casket. To this day, Margaret’s remains have never been found.

Copyright Ojo Blacke

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The Sweet Black of Night

“The Sweet Black of Night”

Why do you yearn for The Sweet Black of Night?

For often I have seen your face out of hiding

In dimly lit corners of ancient ruins

In the deep and jagged cuts of cracked and weather-beaten stone

And I have seen you gazing eternally towards

The Sweet Black of Night.

Your dark countenance wearily creeps west

Away from the light of the rising sun

In a sad yet cold farewell to

The Sweet Black of Night.

Your hard features gladly edge east

Away from the light of the setting sun

Like some monolith of pain

Anxiously awaiting

The Sweet Black of Night

Copyright Ojo Blacke

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