“What the Hell Is That?”

Weirdz Magazine

During the summer of 1963, the decomposing body of a “strange unidentified creature” was found in Hackers Woods near some bushes along the perimeter of The Woods Hollow. The story of this fantastic find was the talk of the town and became a national albeit short-lived sensation. It was reported in a small article featured in the December 1963 issue of Weirdz Magazine:

“Animal or What?” 

“The decomposing body of a strange unidentified creature was discovered partially hidden in the dense foliage of Hackers Woods in the small northeastern town of Weirskin, PA. Estimates by forensic specialists determined the carcass had been lying there unnoticed for at least a year, and this find must be recognized as the strangest discovery of the century. The carcass is definitely not human. However, there are structurally human components associated with the skeletal remains, including an erect spinal matrix not found even in primate species. The spine is humanlike but punctuated by the anomalous presence of a forked tail, while its “feet” are cloven-like and teeming with corpuscle-like protrusions, obviously the bone-like pores of rigid and extremely dense hair-like follicles. It also possesses a thick spiny hide and skin marked by asymmetrical scale-like patterns uncommon to any form of life in North America, or anywhere else in the world. In fact, this body is not the remains of any known animal of earthly origins and certainly not of anything remotely human. So then what was it? Despite a full examination of the available organic matter extracted from the remains of this inexplicable creature unexpectedly thrust upon the world’s scientific community, no answer to this question has yet been found. We at Weirdz Magazine, however, will keep our ears and minds open for you, dear readers, as always.”

Pete DoneganNOTE: Sometime in the mid-1920s, local trapper Pete Donegan was said to have caught several specimens of an unknown species of creatures possessing a thick scaly skin. He discovered their lifeless bodies from time to time in traps he set in Hackers Woods on the eastern side of Kings Road. By 1931, it was rumored Pete had skinned at least fifteen of the creatures and sold the hides to Oslo Bender of Oslo’s Oddities, a travelling museum and the main attraction at Catz Carney’s Carnival. None of the hides were ever recovered and Pete himself was found dead less than a year later inside The Woods Hollow, torn to pieces by some savage animal—a bear perhaps?

“What the Hell Is That?”



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