“The Legend of Somalyte: The Town That Went Insane”

"The Legend of Somalyte: The Town That Went Insane"In 1895, successful entrepreneur Maxwell Hacker discovered a vein of ore in what is now called Hackers Woods on the northern edge of the small town of Weirskin, Pa. Hacker began mining the ore and soon became a very rich man. He later gave that business up for something more interesting when he discovered a pocket of earth near the mine was filled with what he thought were magical crystals. Hacker believed the crystals could somehow expand one’s mind with visions and psychic powers by simply owning one. Owning one, however, meant more than simply having one in your possession. A “somalyte crystal” had to be bestowed upon you by the factory and its secret staff of wizard mystics who would carry out a strange ceremonial rite using some super-normal form of mental concentration to imprint that piece of simple crystal quartz with the essence, the very soul of the person who would now be conjoined with that little piece of rock forever, whereupon they were given a Certificate of Ownership.
Certificate of AuthenticityInfluenced by masonic theosophical beliefs, Hacker marketed the crystals as charms and talismans that were bought, owned and carried in pockets or on neck chains by almost every citizen of his makeshift miniature “town” he coined Somalyte, the site of his Somalyte Crystal Company.

In a single day in December of 1899, only a few days before Christmas, for no logical reason anyone could fathom, everyone in this small community of 106 people was either dead, murdered or victims of some kind of suicidal madness. It’s a mystery that became a legend in these parts, The Legend of Somalyte: The Town That Went Insane.



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