“The Death of Ronda May”

Stafford High School sophomore, 16 year old Ronda May Tucker, was said to have committed suicide by drowning after jumping from the Wochtaquoan Bridge. Her body was discovered lodged in the mud on the banks of the Makittan River (known as The Blood River) in 1954. It became a city-wide sensation as rumors of forbidden romance, crimes of passion and satanic murder spread throughout Weirskin and rang incessantly in the willing ears of everyone in the town of Weirskin and neighboring cities. Innocent Ronda, who never did anything remotely sordid in her short life, became the racy shady talk of the town upon her death.

The mystery surrounding the circumstances of her death was never uncovered and neither Ronda’s family nor the citizens of Weirskin were ever fully satisfied with the official findings of the investigation. No one could understand why a beautiful young girl like Ronda would even want to kill herself. She was always a happy kid. Ronda DrownedOver the years, dozens of people driving across the Wochtaquoan Bridge have reported seeing Ronda standing rigid at the river’s edge with a stoic gaze and arms outstretched and swaying in an eerie motion, apparently beckoning them down to the muddy river bank there with her to the very spot where she was found dead almost 60 years ago.

Girl, 16, Found Dead On Makittan River Bank



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