“Strange Screaming Fish with Humanlike Faces in the Makittan River”

Anomaly Magazine: “Strange Screaming Fish with Humanlike Faces in the Makittan River”In November of 1970, there were a number of reports of unusual fish slicing through the icy waters of the Makittan River for nearly three months. Fisherman on the river during this time reported seeing hundreds of mutated fish sporting humanlike faces with agonized expressions that seemed to communicate what they described as a kind of perpetual state of screaming. Some fisherman say they witnessed violent bubbles of air popping on the surface, releasing what was initially thought to be the muted sounds of human cries. An article about this strange phenomenon was a front cover story the following year in the January issue of the popular “strange science” publication Anomaly Magazine. No rational scientific explanation for these sightings has ever been offered. Only mass hysteria or possible “hallucinatory interference” due to toxic waste dumping in the river by the infamous HealthKix Laboratories were suggested as possibilities, a factor quickly considered when 8 year old Timmy Lutz insisted he had a lengthy conversation with one of those “monstrous fish.”

NOTE: HealthKix Laboratories was shut down by the FDA in 1967 for illegal use of untested, unapproved and apparently “unknown” chemicals as ingredients in a number of their health products, particularly vitamin supplements.






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