“Serial Killer Leo Alfred Kearns”

"Mass Grave Discovered In Hackers Woods"
The Woods Hollow in Hackers Woods was the burial ground site for the victims of Leo Alfred Kearns, the only known homegrown serial killer Weirskin ever had. Leo strangled at least 13 young women between 1981 and 1984 and “collected” them in his secret “meeting place” in the hollow where he apparently visited them almost every Saturday for his nightly “group discussions,” as he called them in his personal journals. Leo was found dead at his residence on the north side in late mid-September of 1984, apparently from an overdose of barbiturates. However, an autopsy later revealed he actually died of suffocation when his lungs ceased functioning after being completely engorged with earth and gravel, traces of which were found nowhere else on his body or clothes or anywhere else in his apartment—nowhere else but inside his lungs. No one really knows for sure what happened to him and what little we know of his crimes have been learned from his journals investigators later discovered wrapped in plastic and hidden behind a loosened brick in the wall of his basement apartment. In one of the entries dated September 16th, 1984, Leo says:

“I’m afraid because I can hear them all the time now in my head, even when I’m far away from our secret meeting place in the hollow. Why do they torture me so, my beloved concubines buried deep in that eternal embrace of solid earth? Don’t they realize how much I love them and always have? After all, I’ve done so much to protect them from this terrible world. I’ve saved them from what they were and what they would certainly have become, and yet they still grow angrier with me each and every day, and despite everything I’ve already sacrificed for them, my dark sweet harem, my only true source of happiness. Sometimes I think I can hear them crawling through the wet grass of that yard outside toward the small window of my suffocating basement apartment, and I can hear them scratching frantically at the dust-grimy glass…”

Leo Kearns’ body was found three days later.



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