“Body of Man Missing For 29 Years Finally Found…Fresh?”

"Unidentified Body Found In Makittan River"The Wochtaquoan Bridge, known as The Bone Bridge, has served as a diving board for a long string of suicides recorded since as early as 1847. However, what is most interesting about the tragic deaths associated with this bridge is that certain drowning deaths assumed by investigators to be suicides, who had based their conclusions on actual eyewitness accounts of actual “leaps” and inferences provided by circumstantial evidence of “suicide notes” left behind by the “leapers,” could not finally be proven as suicidal deaths or that any deaths actually occurred because many of the bodies were never recovered. The so-called suicide victims in these cases were, more often than not, simply listed on missing person’s reports by the Weirskin police. The alleged suicides, which occurred in certain years and on certain dates during March and April, have almost always resulted in conflicting emotions for the families who were forced to have heartbreaking memorial services without available bodies for burial, despite thorough surface and underwater searches.

However, the body of one suicidal victim was eventually recovered in 1982. It was discovered spinning in a pocket of churning rapids encircled by large rocks nearly two miles downriver from the bridge this person was believed to have jumped off to his watery death—almost 30 years before his body was actually found. What is most surprising is that the body of this man possessed no signs of decomposition and after an autopsy was finally performed by the County Coroner’s Office, it was estimated to have been dead in the water for no more than 72 hours. The young man’s approximate age was determined to be between 16 and 25 years and after fingerprint and dental records were checked and rechecked, was reluctantly identified as Walter Peter Mueller, 19, of Weirskin, PA, who was assumed to have drowned at that same age way back in March of 1953. The clothes and personal effects belonging to the deceased were neither aged nor abused by what should have been almost 30 years of exposure to underwater scavengers and the turbulent waters of the Makittan River.



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