Rhymes and Limericks

Lucinda Beekes Spawn of freaks Four hundred centuries old Bad blood decides her An axe beside her A head or two will roll "Blood Princess" Oh, Lady of Air Goddess of the South Wind Sweep me away, my Mesopotamian Storm As you would the first son Succubus of my lonely yearning dreams Oh, dark beautiful maiden I cling to you until my dying breath "Lady of Air" No one knows what Timmy caught the day he made a wish To be the only boy in town to catch the biggest fish But what he caught was quite a lot Oh, the trouble Timmy bought His only thought was, fish or not, "Outwit! Outwit!" Outwit What Timmy caught "What Timmy Caught"

Some thing in the ground Her poor body found Woke up and wanted to be A thing in the ground Without hardly a sound That could crawl away to me Out of the mound And no longer bound The thing is finally free It sniffed around Like an old bloodhound And found its way to me. “Lady Thing” He who weathers the swirling black feathers Like a kill laid out by the skinner One ninety-eight eyes Across the dark skies With a story to tell the town spinner And the Old Woman knows It takes ninety-nine crows To serve up a man Sunday dinner. “Crow Woman” Manny's standing in the dark On the court in Tremont Park Waitin’ on a game to play Any chump will do today And what you think the punks will pay? Winner goes and loser stays Standing in that freaky dark On the court in Tremont Park "Manny's Ghost"

It is what a child has that can be taken away, A soul so pure as to be black as night, And much colder than death itself. "Old Lucumi Priestess" Who dat crazyman a knockin' on da door? Open up and take a look No wonderin', anymore Who dat crazyman a knockin' it some more? Open up and take alook He'll give you what for "Crazyman" Open your eye and you will see The ream of dreams Not so far and just beyond The scope of mind... Majestyr Khain, Opusculus Sorceria ("The Little Book of Sorcery")

Bear-away, Charlie, Back her up! She's filled to the rim like a saltwater cup. Heat up her engines Into the lee — Do you hear that sound? All hands hoay! Poor old Lucie's run a ground — Too late, Charlie, Let it be. There goes another man plucked by the sea... “The Lament of the Lucretia”


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